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[OPEN RSVP] Pink Garage Sale #145 - Melawai

Pink Garage Sale #145 - Melawai



Wednesday to Friday, 4 – 6 December 2019

10am - 4:30pm

Simetri Home Coffee Roasters

Jl. Wijaya VI No. 11

Melawai, Kebayoran Baru

Jakarta Selatan 12160


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Simetri Coffee at Melawai is Pink Garage Sale’s new location.  We aim to gather Sellers from near or far and Buyers from the Kebayoran Baru neighborhood on this three-day event at Simetri Coffee.


Staying true to Pink Garage Sale’s concept, we welcome Sellers who have brand new products, as well as those who have used/secondhand personal products that are still in excellent conditions, that they want to let go at low prices, or at lower prices than they would usually do at other places.


Items that we are looking for, such as hobbies, crafts, clothes, toys, ceramics, shoes, bags, household goods, stationeries, books, makeups, homemade goods, plants, jewelries, etc. We also welcome individuals who want to promote their services or organizations.


We do not, however, accept food & beverages to be sold at Simetri Coffee. The price range of products that we are looking is IDR 10,000-300,000, depending on the products. Note that we do not control the prices.


STEP 1: WhatsApp to 087752544099 /

STEP 2: Say that you want to join PGS – Melawai. We will give you options on available spots

STEP 3: Transfer the full amount to BCA Kartika 5455214821 on the same day you register

STEP 4: We will send you the confirmation



  • At PGS – Melawai, you may choose your spot

  • The garage sale will be held in the outdoor area of the café, which is equipped with ceiling fans and roof, and also indoor on the second floor with air conditioners.

  • The actual table setting might be different than the one depicted in below picture

  • If you pay before 27 November 2019, apply 15% discount



  1. Selling of food & beverage of any kind, counterfeit (i.e. fake) branded goods, and underwear garments, are strictly prohibited at Simetri Coffee.

  2. Do not bring food & beverage from outside. You may bring your own drink, but please put it in your own bottle. This is to uphold the Café standard. You may buy food & beverage at Simetri Coffee, as the café is open during the event.

  3. Unloading your things is only allowed on the day of the event (i.e. not the day before). We recommend that you start unloading at 9 am.  We do not recommend you coming late because the event starts at 10 am.

  4. After unloading, please move your car outside so visitors can park their cars comfortably inside.

  5. Do not use these for display: plastic rack, plastic hanger rack, plastic shoe rack, and luggages. We allow: wood or steel rack, plastic box containers, tablecloth, signage, rollup banner, carton box.

  6. Arrange your items neatly, not scattering the items on the table or the floor.

  7. We strongly recommend that secondhand items to be sold at least half of the initial buying price.

  8. You may share your table with your friend(s), as long as you are keeping within your space and follow the rules.

  9. Toilets are available. Toilets can serve as the changing room as well.

  10. Last but not least, let’s all strive to keep Simetri Coffee clean, in order, neat and pleasant for customers to shop and eat at the Restaurant.



  • No refund and no rollover to next events once payment is made to Pink Garage Sale.

  • You may find your replacement should you decide not to participate in the event you have paid for. Your replacement would need to state your name as the table is tagged under your name.