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Pink Garage Sale #9 - Independence Day Weekend

Good day friends,
Now, who can guess what date does the Indonesian’s Independence Day fall on?
Yes! You’re absolutely right (….or wrong) – (The answer is 17 August). And which year did we get it? (The answer is 1945).
Well, it is Monday again and I am here excited to announce that this Saturday, 16 August 2014, Pink Garage Sale will hold Independence Day Weekend event in our garage. Well, this is the first time that we have allowed friends to sell their kitchen delicacies. You will most probably find rum balls, pudding, traditional snacks, cookies and cakes. So, be sure to head out to our garage this Saturday. Now, you not only be able to satisfy your closet craving, but also quenching your thirst and hunger while visiting our garage. 
Now, let’s clap your hands together and look forward to PGS no. 9!

Photos from PGS#9