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Raja Andriany, a college student from the University of Indonesia entered the PGSgiveaway contest in Instagram and won free a free table to sell her personal belongings at Pink Garage Sale event number 55 on Sunday, 22 May 2016.

Dianita Permata joined us for the second time at PGS#28 - Kemang Weekend Market held in Common People in June 2015. She told us how she started selling her personal belongings and why she would participate in PGS events again in the future.

Gani of Michael Page Indonesia was fundraising for Human for Habitat with his friends at Pink Garage Sale #24 that was held on Saturday, 30 May 2015 at Kebayoran. It was his first time participating.

Echa Pramezwari, Dentistry student at Trisakti University, joined Pink Garage Sale #19 - Kemang Sunday Market at Common People Eatery & Bar in March 2015. 

She shares her thoughts and opinions about being a Seller at Pink Garage Sale event.

Jeje Cho, Resident of Kelapa Gading, joined Pink Garage Sale #18 - Kebayoran in March 2015.

She has joined Pink Garage Sale events twice as a Seller and now she shares with us about her experience at the events. 

We Create Secondhand Marketplace For You...

For a decade or more, we have loved and kept our belongings unharmed in our closets and storage rooms in the hope that they might be of use again in the future. We dismissed our moms’ advice that we should give or throw away some of our things, because they are collecting dust and taking too much space in the house.

“But these are the toys I collected when I was little!

This is my favorite party dress which I still don’t have the chance to wear!”

These are rare decorative pieces that are still in perfect condition. And who knows we will use them again?”

Do these sound familiar to you? Well, we realized that we stressed too much on the notions of “might and “who knows”. Therefore, we decided to learn the art of letting go by selling our beloved belongings at a very small fraction of their deserving price.

A couple of months passed by and soon enough, not just our closest friends join us in Pink Garage Sale, but also people from different walks of life. Students who seek for an affordable space to raise funds for their school activities, shop owners who are in need to do big clearance sale, moms who want to cash out their babies’ apparels because their children have outgrown them, and many more.

There is an Explorer in Everyone of Us...

Pink Garage Sale is about discovery. We believe secondhand items could be just as valuable, only with much lower price tags. At Pink Garage Sale events, you may find not just secondhand items, but also brand new items since many of our Sellers are offering you their own personal stuffs from their wardrobe/home/shop. In a lot of ways, we start to realize we could find our new found treasures while spending wisely.

The Best Thing of All...

However, the best thing of all is that we are connecting with the people living around us. We often hear from the community that they now get to enjoy a new activity on the weekend, and they find buying secondhand items at our events to be a refreshing and exciting experience. It is a rare sight to see our visitors leaving our events empty handed.

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Pink Garage Sale (“PGS”) was started in November 2013 by two friends at the back of a shop house garage. Since then, PGS has expanded its reach at various highly visible locations. We are open to other new locations - if you want us to hold PGS events at your venue, feel free to reach us out!