1. What can I find at Pink Garage Sale?

  • As we focus on selling secondhand items, you may find more secondhand items than new items.

  • Each and every Pink Garage Sale events are different - we host different Sellers on different occasions. As such, the items you find at Pink Garage Sale may vary from one event to another.

  • The items sold at Pink Garage Sale ranging from fashion to household items, electronics, books and arts.

  • You may find men's and children's items and foods and beverages as well.

2. Do you sell online?

  • We do not sell the items ourselves; We do not take consignments; We do not buy items from Sellers.

  • All other items are only sold on the day of the event at the garage by the respective Sellers. As such, we are not liable for any transaction activities between you and the Sellers.

  • The only things we sell online are:

  • Tables at Rent a Table

3. Where is Pink Garage Sale?

  • As of now, Pink Garage Sale is held regularly in Kebayoran only